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XLPE polyethylene insulated power cable of 35KV or lower

Power Cables

This product is suitable for being fixed on power transmission and distribution lines with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 35KV or lower for power transmission. Compared with PVC insulated power cables, cross-linked power cable products have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat and aging resistances, environmental stress and chemical resistances; in addition, they are also featured by simple structure and light weight, being free of limitations by drop heights in applications, and high long-term working temperature (up to 90 ° C).

I. Features of Use

Allowable long-term operation temperature of the cable conductor is up to 90 ° C

In the case of a short circuit (maximum duration not more than 5s), the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 ° C

The ambient temperature during cable laying must not be lower than 0 °C

Minimum bending radius of the cable: the three-core cable is not less than 15 times the outer diameter of the cable; the single-core cable is not less than 20 times the outer diameter of the cable.

The rated power frequency voltage U0/U of the cable is 0.6/1KV~26/35KV

U0: rated voltage between the conductor for cable design and the ground, or between the conductor and the metal shield, which is named phase voltage;

U: rated power frequency voltage between conductors used in cable design, which is named line voltage;

Um: the value of the 'maximum system voltage' that the device can withstand

II. Cable types, names and the applicable occasions

Type Name Applications
YJV YJLV XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power cable It can be laid indoors, in tunnels, cable trenches and pipes. It can also be buried in loose soils. The cable cannot withstand mechanical external forces. Single-core cables are not allowed to be laid in magnetic pipes
YJY YJLY XLPE insulated and PE sheathed power cable
YJV22 YJLV22 XLPE insulated steel-tape armored PVC sheathed power cable Directly buried in the ground (buried depth: ≥0.7m from the ground), the cable can withstand certain mechanical external forces, but can not withstand large tensile forces
YJV23 YJLV23 XLPE insulated steel-tape armored PE sheathed power cable