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Help you analyze to prevent wire and cable from entering the water


Help you analyze to prevent wire and cable from entering the water

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To prevent water and cable from entering the water, the prevention should be based on the following measures:
1. The cable head should be sealed: the cable ends that are sawn off, whether stacked or laid, should be sealed with plastic to prevent moisture from penetrating.
2. After the wire is laid, it is necessary to make the cable head in time.
3. Buying cables: Manufacturers with high quality must be selected: Since the impurities and pores in the insulation are the starting point of the water tree,  the quality of the cable is very important to prevent water tree aging.
4. Strengthen the management of the cable head manufacturing process:  Once the cable enters the water, the earliest breakdown phenomenon is often the cable head, so the wire head is made well and can extend the overall life of the cable.
5. Adopting cold-shrinkable cable head: 3M company's cold-shrinkable silicone rubber cable accessories are easy to manufacture,  no need for blowtorch, no solder.
6. After the test cable head of the cable is completed: Do a high-voltage DC leakage test before putting it into operation. After that, pre-test the cable of the substation and do not test other cables.
Therefore,  everyone must pay attention to some safety issues in the daily use of the vga line, all of which are centered on safety. The above is some small measures to introduce how to prevent the water from entering the cable.
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